You Can Wear That MAGA Hat To The Polls Now – Thanks To Scotus

Ashley (Kimber)

Earlier this year I wrote that our Hoosier readers were BANNED from wearing their “MAGA” hats to the polls.

Why? Well… one candidate in particular had worn a hat throughout his campaign… and while the MAGA hat was obviously a Trump thing, it was now associated with that candidate.

You’re not allowed to wear clothing that supports a specific candidate to the polling stations.

Well… Minnesota had similarly sweeping laws… and someone challenged them all the way up to the Supreme Court.

My guess is you can proooobably wear your MAGA hat again.

Ha. Leave it to Sotomayor to vote against your rights… AGAIN.

She’s so predictable.

According to Fox News: 

The Supreme Court ruled Thursday a broad state ban on wearing “political apparel” at the polls violates the free speech rights of voters.


The 7-2 ruling said despite any “good intentions” by the state, regulation of such individual expression cannot be reasonably applied because of overly sweeping prohibitions.

Like the aforementioned MAGA hat ban.

Thanks, SCOTUS.