President Trump’s Response To A Question Regarding Kim Jong-un’s Status As A ‘Killer’ Sends Heads To Desks

Hannah Bleau

I certainly don’t want to minimize what President Trump just accomplished. It’s a MASSIVE victory for the world as a whole.

A sitting US president met with a North Korean leader to talk about denuclearization. That’s HUGE. HOWEVER. It doesn’t change my opinions about Kim Jong-un as a person. He’s a horrific dictator guilty of ATROCIOUS human rights violations. I know that wasn’t the point of the entire summit, but I do feel it needs to be addressed at some point.

All that being said…

President Trump sat down with Fox News’ Bret Baier, and things got slightly awkward. You see, Baier mentioned the fact that Kim Jong-un is a killer, and Trump kinda sorta casually dismissed it.

He starves his own people. He treats dissenters like dogs (or feeds them to dogs. Either or). He stuffs his people in concentration camps. He’s not a “tough” guy. He’s a disgusting chubby idiot who’s been coddled his entire life.

Exactly. I hated it then, and I hate it now. I’m not going to defend this simply because it came out of a Republican’s mouth. NO. Unacceptable. It makes me sick. He’s a DICTATOR.

Perhaps this is one of Trump’s negotiating tactics. Flattery. I just have a REALLY hard time digesting it.

Here’s the full interview, for those interested.

Kim Jong-un originally responded to Trump’s tough talk and the United States’ STRENGTH. I don’t think we should switch over to flattery. Not now or ever.