Kim Kardashian Is Pushing For An ‘Edit’ Button On Twitter

Hannah Bleau

Kim Kardashian has been hustling lately. First she met with President Trump, and now she’s having chats with Twitter’s CEO.

She’s pushing for an edit button on tweets.

In the past, I’ve wished for a simple edit button– just to fix typos or whatever. But things start getting a bit stickier when you consider changing the CONTENT of what you say. What if you said something like, “RT if you support Trump,” and a bunch of people retweeted it and the originator edited to say, “RT if you’re Nazi scum.” Then what? That’s not what they originally retweeted.

See how messy it could get?

In a weird way, with the way it works now, tweets hold you accountable.

Anyway, Kim’s pushing for the edit button, and people are joking that she’s running for something. This is her platform! If she can make a Twitter edit button a reality, anything is possible!

HAHAHAHA. Should we laugh or cry?

h/t Twitchy