Something Else Significant Happened On June 12th…Did Trump Pick That Date On Purpose?

Hannah Bleau

As a Ronald Reagan fangirl, I’m ashamed I didn’t realize this earlier.

You know how the #TrumpKimSummit’s official date is June 12th? (Singapore is ahead of us, OK?) Something else significant in history happened on June 12th.

Ronald Reagan gave his famous “Tear Down This Wall” speech at the Brandenburg Gate. (For the record, I’m such a fan that I actually have a Brandenburg Gate Pandora charm– NOT because I’ve ever been to the area, but because I love that speech.)

I don’t know if he actually chose the date for that reason, but it’s cool to think about. Gives me chills.

I’m just gonna leave this here. You know. For Pelosi.

h/t Twitchy