BEHOLD! ‘Reverse Journalism’ In Action

Hannah Bleau

Reverse journalism. Ever heard of it? Chances are you’re familiar with it. So many members of MSM practice it on a daily basis. It’s quite simple, really. Anyone can do it. Here’s how you do it in six easy steps!

1.) See something

2.) Develop your ulterior motive

3.) Tweet it out without facts or context– only provide your desired talking point

4.) Let it simmer

5.) Fact-check later

6.) Craft a follow up tweet with the context knowing it won’t get HALF as much attention, that way you can convince yourself that you’re maintaining your credibility

Congratulations! You’re now a journalist!

Cue “journalist” Jose Antonio Vargas.

Here’s a screenshot in case he deletes it:

As you can see, he followed steps 1-4 with ease. Here’s him combining steps 5-6.

He has absolutely no idea when or where this photo was taken or what it has to do with. He has NOTHING. But since he posted a follow up tweet, he feels like he’s in the clear.


And they wonder why they have zero credibility…

h/t Twitchy