I Need To Talk About Trump’s WH Chef. Because Holy Mother Of JACKED!

Ashley (Kimber)

It turns out, there’s more than one REFRIGERATOR in the White House Kitchen:

A close-up for the kids in the back:


That guy could crush my head like a GRAPE! (Not that he would. He seems pretty cool.)

The Conservative Tribune‘s got the scoop on this CULINARY COLOSSUS.

So, who is Rush? Well, we don’t know a lot about him. However, we can glean from his LinkedIn page that he’s served our country before.

“Being in the military, I lead by example and install the same values to those I have trained,” his page reads.

On his profile at Voice America, Rush is described as a “who currently prepares nutritionally balanced and delicious foods at the White House in Washington DC and is a Master Chef trained in classical plating, baking/ cake decoration, and a master ice carver.”

So, if you ever need one of those large ice swans and a delicious paleo meal, this is probably the one chef you should check out.

His LinkedIn profile also adds that he has an MBA and has cooked for world luminaries including various presidents “to the world leaders of today.”



This dude can carve you a beautiful ice sculpture… or majorly kick your a$$.

The choice is yours!