I Found The Dumbest “Feminist” Shirt EVER At Target This Weekend

Ashley (Kimber)

Hannah has been visiting me in Arizona for the past few weeks, and while we’ve mostly been working from my house, we’ve also done a few road trips to nearby places.

We went to Sedona last week. It was glorious.

And we spent a night in Scottsdale this weekend. SUPER FUN. We absolutely love Scottsdale.

Confession: our favorite thing about it MIIIIIGHT just be all the great food.

We also gorged ourselves on Sprinkles cupcakes.

Anyway… we went to Target to buy some nail polish. There, I saw what I think MIIIIIGHT be the dumbest “feminist” shirt I’ve ever seen.

What could this POSSIBLY mean?!

Are we righting the patriarchal wrongs of fossils?

Are we killing off all male archeologists?

Are we aimlessly replacing the “HI” in words (it’s not even “His” that they’re getting rid of) with “HER” in order to capture some of those pseudo-feminist dollars?


And no… it’s not a child’s shirt. It’s a crop top. Because nothing says “badass empowered woman” quite like wearing a t-shirt that doesn’t make any sense while sexily exposing your ultra-feminist lint trap.

Keep on keeping on, fourth-wave feminists.

Where once you fought for equal rights, you now fight for people to think you’re hot despite the fact you don’t shave your pits and smell like cheese.

Also Hillary. Always Hillary.

Keep fighting the good fight, y’all.