Farrakhan Goes On Unhinged, Anti-Semitic Rant About Jewish Anal Sex

Ashley (Kimber)

The left loves Louis Farrakhan.

This despite the fact he’s an absolutely disgusting Anti-Semite.

The Women’s March Leaders are all huge fans.

Maxine Waters loves him.

Heck, even Obama pals around with this bigot.


Anyway… he hasn’t been banned from Twitter… (despite the fact that Conservatives get banned REGULARLY for saying HATEFUL things such as “there are only two genders.) but he DID lose his blue checkmark recently.

So I guess he had to up his ante with this little gem

Hoooooly crap.

Yup. This creep actually has SO MANY supporters. Some of who are HUGELY high-profile and influential on the left…and that’s TERRIFYING.