BuzzFeed Has An ‘Interesting’ Take On Justin Trudeau’s Unfortunate Eyebrow Situation

Hannah Bleau

Justin Trudeau’s eyebrow appeared to fall of during a press conference at G7.


Usually, BuzzFeed would be ALL ABOUT this. This is totally their bread and butter. A leader’s eyebrow seemingly falling off? That’s actually NEWSWORTHY stuff for BuzzFeed. (I’m not knocking them. I obviously love that story too.)

Well. I have some news. BuzzFeed isn’t feeling it. Some whiny bro wrote a post, complaining about how this isn’t interesting or newsworthy or true.

He offers “evidence” that the integrity of Trudeau’s brows are definitely NOT compromised.

OK but…it actually looks like it’s drooping over his eyelid.

The comment section on that post is cracking me up so hard.

“It is most certainly a fake eyebrow. You can’t BS your way out of this one, scuzzfeed.”

“LOL … the poster boy of buzzfeed turns out to be a wuss … all buzzfeed interns are working overtime to save his ass in this article.”

“I’m a video pro since 1985. I’ve lit literally hundreds of interviews and spent thousands of hours editing them.
1. That is not ‘grainy video’. It’s clear and crisp.
2. Lighting doesn’t do that. This is not a lighting problem. If it was it would shift as he turned his head side to side and up and down. That’s not a shadow. I don’t know what it is, but it’s no shadow from bad lighting.
3. This website is lying to you for some reason.”

“Ah yes, a “shadow.” We all know shadows display density and remain perfectly in place, retaining their size and shape, as the object they’re shading moves around. How pathetic do you have to be to try and pretend this didn’t happen? You could’ve easily just laughed it off, but your political ideology is so important you have to deny reality?”

“Bullshit that is not due to fake lighting. Speaking about fake, BuzzFreed is fake news. You lie BuzzFeed. The eyebrow remains drooped,and doesn’t move, with the lighting as his head moves.”

“Buzzfeed = make up fakenews and coverup real news.”

“That is not caused by bad lighting. Fake eyebrows.”

“It’s fake, and there is no shadow.
Shadows move when you turn your head.”

What do you tend to believe?

Either way it’s funny, and either way, BuzzFeed is really showing how biased it is. It would usually LOVE something as silly and ridiculous as this, but since it’s about their beloved soyboy Justin Trudeau, they CANNOT and WILL NOT tolerate the tomfoolery.