Alyssa Milano WEEPS Before Congress, Because She Doesn’t Have Equal Rights Under The Constitution

Hannah Bleau


Sorry. Just preparing you for what you’re about to see.

First a bit of background. When Alyssa Milano isn’t claiming victory over the NRA (HAHAHA 6 million members and growing but OK), she’s fighting for EQUAL RIGHTS!

Yeah. You see, she’s under the impression that women don’t have equal rights in this country, because the preamble of the Constitution doesn’t specifically say “We the LADIES.” “People” isn’t good enough for her, I guess.

Just because you’re a has-been actress doesn’t mean Paul Ryan needs to drop everything and meet with you.

It gets worse. Alyssa actually spoke before Congress and WEPT.

I CANNOT EVEN DEAL WITH THIS NONSENSE. How is she oppressed? What does she lack? If she’s so concerned about equal rights and protections under the law, she should drop her hideous campaign against the NRA and start supporting the Second Amendment. THAT’S what empowers women.