Michael Avenatti Has Appeared On MSNBC And CNN Over 100 Times, Just FYI

Hannah Bleau

Alright. This ridiculous saga continues. I’m over it.

According to that sourcelink, President Trump did reimburse Michael Cohen for the “expenses” related to the Stormy Daniels fiasco.

I thought we already knew that, but I guess not?

President Donald Trump revealed in his financial disclosure form that he reimbursed Michael Cohen for loans of between $100,00 and $250,000 – paying back for ‘expenses’ the man who says he paid porn star Stormy Daniels.

The form notes that ‘expenses were incurred by one of Donald J. Trump’s attorneys,’ and Trump disclosed it ‘in the interest of transparency.’ It was contained in a line beneath a section where large bank loans were listed.

And we all collectively say, “WHO CARES?????”

According to the president’s required annual filing, ‘Mr. Cohen sought reimbursement of those expenses and Mr. Trump fully reimbursed Mr. Cohen in 2017. The category of value would be $100,001 – $250,000 and the interest rate would be zero.’

Seriously. No one cares. No one except Michael Avenatti of course. WHO BY THE WAY has appeared on CNN and MSNBC at least 108 times since March 7th.

The Washington Free Beacon analyzed 108 appearances by Avenatti on MSNBC and CNN over a 64-day period from March 7 to May 10. To calculate his earned media time, the Free Beacon multiplied the length of his appearances on a program by its “National Publicity Value” determination from media monitoring site TVEyes.com.

The total came out to $174,631,598.07 from at least 65 CNN appearances and 43 MSNBC appearances. Avenatti’s favorite shows include CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360” (at least 20 interviews), MSNBC’s “The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell” (14), CNN’s “New Day” (12), CNN’s “Tonight with Don Lemon” (eight), and MSNBC’s “Deadline White House” (seven).

Thank goodness he’s not actively seeking a career in television. *insert eyeroll here*

h/t Daily Mail