HAHA! Michelle Malkin Jokes About Maxine Waters’ ‘Take’ On The Yanny/Laurel Debate

Hannah Bleau

This is *the* debate of 2018. It’s the new “white and gold or blue and black” dress thing in audible form.

What did you hear? Yanny or Laurel?

Me? Laurel. It’s clear. I’ve listened to this loop over a dozen times. I’ve even TRIED to get myself to hear “Yanny” by focusing on different pitches, but it’s just not happening. I’m sorry. IT’S LAUREL.

The internet is mega divided, and it’s absolutely fascinating.

Except no because it still sounds like Laurel.

I desperately wanted to hear “Yanny,” and I didn’t until I listened to this one right here.

However, as soon as it got to normal speed, I heard Laurel again.

Word has it the word is actually Laurel, so you’re WRONG Yanny people!

But this isn’t about that. This is about Mad Maxine’s “take.” Michelle Malkin NAILS it.

HAHAHAHAHAHA. Although I though she’d hear “colluuuuuuuuuuuusion!”

h/t Twitchy