Sorry MSM. President Trump DID Visit FLOTUS After Her Surgery

Hannah Bleau

Yesterday, we found out First Lady Melania Trump underwent surgery to treat a benign kidney condition.

I thought this was an interesting tidbit.

Who knew?

President Trump visited her last night…

…and gave us another update this morning:

It’s great to hear she’s doing well! However, there were some less than sweet remarks from bitter resisters on Twitter, and a new gross narrative started to catch fire.

Surely, you see where this is going. Trump is SO selfish that he ignored his wife all day! He didn’t care she had surgery!

Except…that’s not the case. He actually missed a pretty big event in order to see her.

President Donald Trump chose to spend time with his recovering wife instead of appearing as a guest of honor at Israel’s 70th anniversary of independence celebration in Washington, DC, on Monday night.

Israeli ambassador to the United States Ron Dermer told the event’s crowd of hundreds at the Andrew Mellon Auditorium that Trump wanted to be at the event, but chose to attend to the first lady, who had undergone a planned medical procedure that day.

Ohhhhh. That must be inconvenient for Amy.

So no. Trump didn’t leave Melania hanging. That’s #FakeNews.

h/t Breitbart