Sen. Cory Booker Totally Gets You Because He Traveled To The South And Read ‘Hillbilly Elegy’

Hannah Bleau

Hey you guys. Sen. Cory Booker wants you to know that he GETS you. He understands your life, frustrations and concerns. How is this possible, you ask? It’s possible because he’s read books like “Hillbilly Elegy.” THAT’S HOW HE GETS YOU.

Does he even realize that this makes him sound even MORE disconnected? That remark is dripping with elitist snobbery. But it makes sense that he said it, because this is how he pictures us all in his mind:

That’s hardly an exaggeration. That’s how most Democratic lawmakers view us.

Mockery ensued. It was much deserved.

Have you ever sat on a lawn mower and played a banjo? No? Then DON’T TALK TO ME CORY. (For the record, I’ve done that. I know that makes me sound like an uneducated, toothless hillbilly, but I don’t care. It was great and I highly recommend it.)

If you’re lucky!

Not necessarily. I’m sure those living in San Fran and NYC are exempt.

Cory GETS you. Remember that, poor hillbilly folk.