Margot Kidder’s Nephew Uses Her Death To Attack Roseanne

Ashley (Kimber)

Margot Kidder, best known for playing Lois Lane, passed away on Monday.

Roseanne Barr shared her condolences.

Simple and respectful… nothing much to see here.

Until some dude claiming to be her nephew decided to turn this into a nasty political argument.

I’m sorry… what?

How and why was this necessary? Roseanne was expressing condolences. Hardly worthy of an attack.

But he’s not done… of course he’s not.

“Get her name out of your fascist mouth.”

SURELY he sees the irony in this, right??

Not done yet, though. Still going…

He really likes to use “take comfort” in ways that really don’t make sense, huh?

And then, because the drooling TDS sufferers of Twitter got all excited about this, he Tweeted this out:

Oh, honey.

“Find someone whose political opinions you don’t agree with and be an unnecessarily b*tchy lil’ d*ck to them! YAY GET ACTIVE!”

Bless your heart, Orion.

At the end of RIP posts, I usually include prayers for the family. I believe I did so in the post about Margot.

I’d like to amend that now.

Prayers for Margot’s family… and ESPECIALLY her nephew Orion, who is in desperate need of guidance.