Daisy, Co-Founder

People have been chattering about a Queen/Freddie Mercury movie for years.  And there was initial talk that Sacha Baron Cohen was supposed to play him, but apparently, his personality was just too grand for the part and they didn’t want that to be a distraction from the film and Freddie himself.

So now there’s this Rami Malek dude playing Mercury.  I have never heard of him, and I guess that’s what they wanted.

Anywho, I’m a huge Queen fan, y’all.  I grew up on this music.  You cannot be an 80s kid and not have some fondness for Queen’s music and cultural influence during that time, but for me personally, I just remember my older sister and I literally wore out their albums.

Mercury was off-the-charts talented.  There’s something special to me about watching a band of super-talented people come together at just the right time in history to make just the right music.

That’s serendipitously good stuff right there, y’all.

Here’s the newest trailer:

They had me at Another One Bites The Dust.