AMAZING! Gaza Man On Crutches ‘Miraculously’ Gains His Strength!

Hannah Bleau

The protests on the Gaza border are orchestrated entirely by the terrorist organization, Hamas. They’re hell-bent on terrorizing Jews. For some reason, MSM has no problem looking past that. They have no problem looking past the fact that they’re using women and children as human shields. They have no difficulty looking past the fact that these people are trying to storm the border with the INTENTION of throwing rocks and inflicting as much harm as possible on the Israeli people.

“Peaceful protesters.” That’s what they’re calling them. They’re buying the false narrative that the IDF is carelessly slaughtering women, children, the elderly and disabled.

I’m calling BS. That’s FAKE FREAKING NEWS. Here’s just one small example.

Is he one of the “innocent” disabled people the IDF is targeting, libs? Seriously. Get your facts straight and realize the REALITY of the situation or SHUT UP.

The strategy involves fooling MSM. And it’s working.

Yep. And MSM falls for it every single time, which makes it even worse. Wake UP, people.