Iran Sentences A Woman To Two Years In Prison For Removing Her Headscarf

Hannah Bleau

Like I said before. I didn’t know International Women’s Day was A Thing. It seemed pretty pointless, but I tried to look on the bright side. Maybe Western feminists could use the day to realize how blessed and NOT oppressed they are. 

Eh, who am I kidding. Feminists are notorious for ignoring stories like this.

According to that sourcelink, Iranian officials sentenced a woman to two years in prison for removing her headscarf.

The woman, who has not been officially named, was found guilty of “encouraging moral corruption”, Tehran prosecutor Abbas Jafari-Dolatabadi said.

He added that 21 months of the woman’s sentence had been suspended and that she was in need of medical treatment.

It follows dozens of similar arrests of Iranian women in recent weeks.

Most of those detained for defying the country’s strict law on appearing in public in a headscarf have been released without charge.

She now has to undergo psychological counseling and everything.

The woman sentenced in the capital, Tehran, on Wednesday was jailed for three months without parole.

She is “in need of long-term medical treatment and has to be seen by a psychiatrist”, Mr Jafari-Dolatabadi said.

LOL yeah right.


This is what the ACTUAL PATRIARCHY looks like, you flaming feminist morons.

h/t BBC