Kneeling Social Justice HERO Knows A Thing Or Two About “Brutality,” Doesn’t He?

Ashley (Kimber)

The left has assured us that the NFL kneelers have NOTHING to do with disrespecting our nation or military.

Oh no.

These fine gentlemen have a deep, unwavering commitment to social justice! It’s not about disrespecting our country! It’s about opposing police brutality towards black people!


You know what else these “heroes” stand for? Beating women.

Because to the NFL:

Police brutality = HUGE problem.

Domestic violence = Eh.

San Francisco 49ers linebacker Reuben Foster, noted NFL kneeler, has been arrested on Domestic Violence charges.

According to ABC 7 News:

49ers linebacker Reuben Foster in trouble with the law again. Reuben Foster left the Santa Clara County Jail Sunday evening after posting $75,000 bail. The 49ers linebacker had no comment on his arrest. It all began this morning when police received a 9-1-1 call from his Los Gatos home Sunday morning, apparently from his girlfriend.

According to 911 logs, the dispatcher said, “The RP (reporting party) is calling saying her boyfriend beat her up. 2 weapons…an AR-16 and a knife inside the house and we’re still getting further. We do have history here.”

They have a “history.”

One the NFL may or may not have known about.

But again. They only care about the super important stuff like kneeling during the anthem.

Soon after the call, several police cars descended on the property on Shannon Road. Officers arrested Foster on suspicion of domestic violence, threats and possession of an assault weapon. One neighbor was surprised to see the police activity on his street.

“I just saw five or six police cars in the driveway as we drove by. People were outside roaming around,” said neighbor Nick McCabe.

Not the first time this ROOKIE has been in trouble, either. In his short time with the 49ers, he’s gotten himself in trouble a NUMBER of times.

The 23-year old Foster just finished a solid rookie season and was expected to be a key part of the 49ers defense going forward. But Foster’s future with the team may now be in jeopardy. Sunday’s arrest is just the latest of his troubles. Last month, Foster was arrested in Alabama for marijuana possession, and last year at the NFL Scouting Combine, Foster submitted a diluted urine sample and was later sent home after a run-in with a hospital worker.

I’m not surprised the NFL ignored a drug charge…

But domestic violence?

49ers don’t have the best reputation right now, and NFL ratings were CRAP this season.

They’ll get rid of him if they have ANY sense… which they don’t. So I fully expect to see this guy kneeling for our anthem next season.