According To This MAJOR Mix Up, The Olympics Just Got VERY Sweet And Sour

Ashley (Kimber)

We all make mistakes.

Some are more delicious and MSG filled than others.

According to The Week:

They both start with a “P” and end with “chang,” but the similarities between Pyeongchang — the host of the Winter Olympics — and P.F. Chang’s — the casual Asian-themed restaurant chain — stop there.


Large city in South Korea? Delicious fast food sodium den? Who REALLY knows the difference?

That’s why Chicago residents who tuned into WLS-TV on Saturday morning were likely left very confused by a graphic that appeared during the news, which read, “P.F. Chang 2018” above the Olympic rings. It turns out the team at this ABC affiliate is aware of the difference between Pyeongchang and P.F. Chang’s, with spokesperson Jayme Nicholas telling Inc. the graphic was created for a “satirical piece” done by sports anchor Mark Giangreco on Friday night, who asked viewers to make up their own Olympic events. It was just an accident that the same graphic was used on Saturday for a serious piece, Nicholas said, and she apologized for the mix-up. If only eating lettuce wraps was an Olympic sport.

Not buying it.

My theory is whoever put this together was watching the MSM’s coverage on how AAAAAAMAZING Kim Jong-Girl is, started thinking about the starving nation her brother presides over, and got hungry.

Yup. Sounds about right.