Bill Maher and Bari Weiss Want To Know What Happened To Love And Courtship, And I Am ROLLING MY EYES

Daisy, Co-Founder

This whole exchange is interesting to me, because it’s Bill Maher and NYT Editor Bari Weiss having a spirited conversation about how the #metoo pendulum has basically swung too far in the wrong direction.  They’re doing what Mock and I have done countless times on our show over the past few months.

Liberals are doing that now.

Just watch this exchange and try not to shake your head with both amusement and bewilderment:

Now, keep in mind that it’s not conservatives who have made it so “25% of millennial-age men think that asking a woman if she wants a drink constitutes sexual harassment.

Nope.  Liberal feminists have demonized men to the point where this new generation actually believes this absolute load of horse sh*t.  So, it’s a true head-scratcher that these two are even slightly pained by the reality that their own agenda has produced.  It’s like they have no idea that they did all of this to themselves.

And then he calls millennials “f*cking fragile?”

Wow – who made them that way, exactly?  What with all the pandering and ‘isms’ and ‘everyone is a victim’ mentality that they’ve learned over the past decade?

(so many eyerolls)

Weiss asks, out loud even, “…Whatever happened to intimacy and love and….courtship….?”

Let’s see…for starters Bari, liberals have created CONSENT FORMS FOR THAT STUFF.  I guess you’d know that if writers for the NYT had to actually do research and whatnot.  I’ll help you out.  Even though we’re not a neeeeewwwws site (we’re just a bunch of right-wing Chicks  writing what we think about stuff, dontchaknow), we’ve written about that here and here.  And if you check out your local college campus, i.e. liberal indoctrination center, I’m sure the liberal feminists there would be happy to tell you all about how all the dudes who go there are a bunch of rapey jerks.  Most likely sexist, too.

I swear, these folks are several pancakes short of a stack.