Surfing Libertarian Tells Us To “Go F*ck Ourselves” For Reporting The Hawaii Story

Mockarena, Co-Founder

I swear, people can be such complete douchewagons for absolutely no reason.

Case in point.  Earlier today, Hannah told you about the emergency alert that got sent to Hawaii residents’ phones today warning them of an incoming ballistic missile.  You can catch up on that right here.

Nearly every headline on nearly every media outlet describes the story in the same way that we did, which is to say that the alarm caused widespread panic.

But @Waverider744, a “Proud single dad, surfer, dirtbike rider, Libertarian, and vet,” told us to go f*ck ourselves, because he didn’t like the fact that we said there was panic.  Our story was retweeted by one of our clever and competent followers, and just look at his response. BEHOLD:

Yeah.  I don’t appreciate being told to go f*ck myself for reporting what’s Actually Happening In The World.

And it didn’t end there.

So surfer dude obviously wanted us to know that he’s a super tough guy who didn’t panic.  That’s fine, but that doesn’t change the fact that other Hawaiians, in fact, panicked.  So I decided to send him a few examples.  (And by “a few,” I mean I could have sent him probably thousands more.)

Yeah.  No panic there at all.

I googled Hawaii panic just now, y’all.  Check this out.

In other words, PEOPLE FREAKING PANICKED, you surfing Libertarian freakshow.

But you know what his response was to my 3 tweets of examples of the panic?

He may respond, so this story may be updated. FYI.  🙂

UPDATE 10.45pm:

He responded, and so did I.

 So that’s that. 🙂