President Trump Goes Off On MSM For Promoting A ‘Fake Book’ By A ‘Mentally Deranged Author’

Hannah Bleau

President Trump is fed up. He’s sick of MSM spreading #FakeNews, and he’s sick of everyone talking about Michael Wolff’s #FakeBook.

Yep. That’s what he’s going with now. He’s even calling Wolff a “mentally deranged author.”


Here’s the thing. The author of that book is a complete slimeball. Just listen to him try to defend himself against Meghan McCain on “The View.”

I have mixed feelings. Part of me wants to advise Trump to let it go. Don’t mention that stupid book again. Everyone knows it’s full of misinformation. Everyone knows the author is an untrustworthy weasel. Then again, it’s been SO LONG since we’ve had someone stand up against the lying media weasels. They STILL can’t deal with the fact that their precious Hillary lost the election. He’s absolutely right about that.

These people are going to be triggered for the next three years AT LEAST.

That’s not how this works. That’s not how ANY of this works…

That, my friends, is what you call “wishful thinking.”

What do you think? Should Trump lay off on these tweets or keep ’em coming?