April Ryan Attempts To Lecture A Pastor On The Constitution, Fails Miserably

Hannah Bleau

If you want to understand everything wrong with journalism, look no further than April Ryan. She’s an insufferable, partisan fool who poses as an objective journalist. That’s how these people operate. Journalists actively convince themselves that they’re on a noble mission for the greater good. They’re the ONLY true champions of “free speech.” I saw so much of this in school. In my experience, journalism school prepares you to be an insufferable, holier-than-thou know-it-all. They drilled it into our heads. Professors told us we had huge responsibilities. We were to hold people accountable and get the facts right. It sounded good. But then they’d immediately bash every news outlet that wasn’t NPR , NYT or WaPo.

If you didn’t land a job with one of those three outlets, you missed the mark. I came back one semester after interning at the Daily Caller. I thought it was exciting. I wrote a bunch of stories, got some original reporting experience, met Tucker Carlson, went to a White House press briefing– the whole shebang. But when it came time to talk about “exciting things” students in my class had done, all my professor wanted to talk about was some chick who interned with NPR. My experience was unworthy of her attention. It was beneath her.

Naturally, the butt-kissing journalism students develop a complex. They think they’re better than everyone else. They grow MASSIVE egos, and professors continuously feed it. Before you know it, you have a new batch of morally superior haughty jerks on the loose.

April Ryan is one of those morally superior jerks.

As you’ve probably heard, she decided to shout, “Mr. President, are you a racist?” at an MLK event. She’s SUPER classy like that.

It was inappropriate and uncalled for. She sounded less like a reporter and more like an out of control heckler. Also, WHAT KIND OF QUESTION IS THAT? Out of EVERYTHING to ask, she went with that?

Of course she did. She did it because she wanted to draw attention to herself. Like I said. Many journalists have egos the size of Alaska.

In the video, another person can be heard shouting, “No.” That person was Pastor Darrell Scott.

Libs are being insufferable as ever.

Cue April Ryan. Leave it to her to make any crappy situation significantly worse.

As you can see, her immediate reaction involved lifting herself up and Scott down. She’s smart, and he’s dumb. She’s educated, and he’s not. Again, this is confirming my prior point about journalists being self-serving egomaniacs.

Ryan is out of her mind. She immediately 1.) Positioned herself above her opponent, 2.) Said something stupid and 3.) Claimed victimhood.

You’ll find that she follows those three steps almost every single time.

…then kindly see yourself out.

April Ryan is everything wrong with journalism. I rest my case.

h/t Twitchy