Hawaii Panics After Receiving A Horrifying Alert On An Incoming Ballistic Missile Threat

Hannah Bleau

This is absolutely insane. I would be LOSING MY MIND.

On Saturday Morning, Hawaiian residents received a frightening alert on their phones: A warning about a BALLISTIC MISSILE THREAT.

Scores of confused residents tweeted screenshots of the warnings after receiving them shortly after 8am local time.

The Department of Defense has not confirmed whether the threat was genuine or if it was sent out by mistake.

The message, which was written all in block capitals, read: ‘BALLISTIC MISSILE THREAT INBOUND TO HAWAII.


Holy freaking crap.

The latest update? Hawaii’s Emergency Management Agency said this was a false alarm. I guess I missed that with the whole part reading, “THIS IS NOT A DRILL.”

I have so many questions. How did this happen? Why? Who’s responsible? Why aren’t they giving any more details?


Nothing about this is funny. We need answers now.