Randy Quaid Vs. Bernie Sanders?!

Hannah Bleau

This is wild.

The other day, Randy Quaid tweeted, “Some very powerful people representing a super pac have approached me about running against Bernie Sanders for senator. 100%”

Um. Can you stop for a minute and digest that? COUSIN EDDIE VS. BERNIE SANDERS. (For the record, I would absolutely vote for Cousin Eddie over Bernie any day.)

So yeah. This is an Actual Rumor.

The veteran actor tweeted a threat/warning Thursday claiming that reps from a superPAC have approached him about running against Bernie Sanders for his U.S. Senate seat next year. And a reality show pitch about that potentially wacky race is making its way around town. Public Spectacle Media is planning an unscripted series that would follow Quaid’s long-shot bid to become the junior senator from the Green Mountain State.

Amid the Donald Trump era of reality TV’s convergence with politics, the proposed docu-sitcom is in development at Public Spectacle Media. The show would follow Quaid — and likely his wife, Evi, who grew up in Vermont — as he “takes on” one of the most high-profile politicians in the country. Bradford Broyles and Lenny Britton of Public Spectacle and Amanda Raymond are the producers.

Quaid retweeted Deadline’s article with the #FakeNews hashtag. I have no idea if he’s actually saying it’s #FakeNews or if he’s just using the hashtag for dramatic effect.

People really want him to run.