Pelosi Shuts Down Impeachment…The ‘Resistance’ Is P*ssed

Ashley (Kimber)

The house voted on whether they should impeach Trump today.

It was an OVERWHELMING no.

Because… even those nuts realize making liberals cry is not grounds for impeachment.

These are the ones that don’t, by the way….

Poor little idiots.

Pelosi issued a statement saying now was NOT the time to attempt impeachment..

It reads:

Washington, D.C. – Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi and Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer released this statement about their decision to vote to table Congressman Al Green’s resolution calling for the impeachment of President Trump:

“Congress faces a vast set of urgent, overdue priorities for the American people. Democrats are firmly focused on taking real, effective steps to improve the lives of hard-working Americans and defeating Republicans’ cruel barrage of attacks on the middle class.

“This week, Republicans are putting the finishing touches on their GOP tax scam that would raise taxes on 78 million middle class families, send good-paying American jobs overseas, hike health insurance premiums and explode the ranks of the uninsured and saddle our children with crushing debt. Our full energy is focused on protecting American families from this staggering assault on their savings, health and financial stability.

“While Republicans race to give massive handouts to their billionaire and corporate donor friends, Democrats are fighting to defeat the GOP tax scam and stand up for middle class families in every corner of the country. We are committed to putting the economic power back in the hands of the American people by securing A Better Deal for America’s working families, with Better Wages, Better Jobs and Better Futures.

“This President has made statements and taken actions that are beyond the pale for most Americans, embracing those who espouse hatred and division while promoting policies that would harm our economy and undermine our national security. Legitimate questions have been raised about his fitness to lead this nation. Right now, Congressional committees continue to be deeply engaged in investigations into the President’s actions both before and after his inauguration. The special counsel’s investigation is moving forward as well, and those inquiries should be allowed to continue. Now is not the time to consider articles of impeachment.”

“Democrats are fighting to defeat the GOP tax scam and stand up for middle class families.” Good GOD this witch is pathetic.

Anyway. The psychos are pissed off.

And OMG… check this out.

The psycho deleted that riiiiight as I was about to embed it. Fortunately I grabbed a screen shot.

Your crazy lives forever on the internet, darling.

Bless their hearts.

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