Famous Rapper Nicki Minaj’s Brother Is Found GUILTY Of Child Rape


Famed rapper Nicki Minaj’s brother was accused of raping his 11-year-old stepdaughter.

Absolutely disgusting. This story makes me want to vomit.

He was found guilty today.

According to TMZ:

Nicki Minaj’s brother was just found guilty in his child rape trial … a case that lasted nearly 3 weeks.

The verdict for Jelani Maraj came in Thursday in Long Island … he was found guilty of predatory sexual assault against a child and endangering the welfare of a child.

He faces 25 years to life in prison. He’ll be sentenced on December 14. Nassau County D.A. Madeline Singas tells TMZ … “We hope that today’s verdict will help the family in the healing process.”

TMZ broke the story — Minaj never testified during the trial — despite claims she would by her brother’s defense team.


I want to burn his house down.

This is truly horrific.

The verdict in the trial of Jelani Maraj capped a sordid three-week Nassau County Court prosecution rife with horrific testimony from the shaken accuser about the unrelenting abuse.

The jury deliberated over two days before returning its verdicts. A stoic Maraj showed zero emotion as he was convicted of predatory sexual assault against a child and endangering the welfare of a child.

The accuser, now 14, girl testified that Maraj, 38, anally raped her at one point, slapped her in the face and ordered her to remain mute about his actions.

Her kid brother testified about accidentally stumbling upon Maraj as he was sexually assaulting the girl.

Juror Arthur Naclerio, 67, of Massapequa, said listening to their stories was difficult.

He added that it was “not that hard” for the jury of eight men and four women to reach its verdict.

The defense claimed the child sex abuse charges were a shakedown by Maraj’s new wife, who allegedly sought $25 million in hush money.

“Absolute absurdity,” responded Assistant District Attorney Emma Slane.

Despite much speculation and rumor, Queens native Nicki Minaj was not called as a witness for her brother. And Jelani Maraj did not testify in his own defense.

But a prosecution witness testified that semen found on the accuser’s pajama bottoms was a one-in-291 billion match with defendant Maraj.

Defense attorney David Schwartz, in his closing argument, accused Maraj’s now ex-wife of planting the DNA.

“It’s all about money and it’s all about revenge,” he told the jury.

The first sexual assault occurred in April 2015, just fourth months before the girl’s mother married Maraj in $30,000 celebration where Minaj picked up the tab, officials charged.

Maraj was arrested Dec. 1, 2015, on charges of predatory assault, second-degree course of sexual conduct and a misdemeanor charge of acting in a manner likely to injure a child.

They found his SEMEN on the little girl’s pajama bottoms…

I hope this POS gets exactly what’s coming to him in prison.

I hear fellow inmates don’t take too kindly to men who rape little girls…