There Is Conflict Between Dinesh D’Souza And Tucker Carlson And I CANNOT DEAL

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

We mentioned this in our livestream this morning, but if you missed our discussion about D’Souza’s new film and the conflict between him and Tucker’s show, here’s the story in D’Souza’s own words.

I feel like a kid watching her parents fight.  DO NOT MAKE ME PICK A SIDE ON THIS because I can’t.  We have enjoyed a long friendly history with Dinesh and have huge respect for him.  We also adore pretty much every rant Tucker ever goes on.  Perhaps the spat is more directly connected to Tucker’s TEAM, which would be a bit of a relief?

Anyway, we haven’t yet watched the film so can’t comment too much about it with any personal knowledge, despite people harping on us to talk about it.  Someone came at me on my personal Tiktok page yesterday to bitch at me for not making Tiktoks about the baby formula shortage.  WTF.  First of all, people who know anything about us should know very well that YOU DON’T EVER GET TO TELL US WHAT TO DO.  But secondly, if you’re a person who places expectations on others to talk about things of interest to YOU, that’s freaking weird.  I use my personal platforms to talk about whatever I want, and that’s how you should use YOUR platforms.  I’m never gonna tell you what you should and shouldn’t talk about because that’s freaking wack. I cannot believe I have to say that out loud.

But back to the film.  I do hope to see it at some point soon.  But I have also read the articles “debunking” its claims.  And my point in mentioning that is that it’s a PROBLEM that Fox and Newsmax aren’t discussing it, if in fact that’s their policy.  Why not just have D’Souza on ALONG WITH someone who has supposedly debunked it?  Why are these ostensibly conservative platforms not allowing the debates to even happen?  We all know that the big social platforms are largely run by liberal weirdos, so when they get censor happy it makes sense.  It’s not right, of course, but at least we’re no longer surprised by it.  But Fox?  Newsmax?  WTF.

Anyway, D’Souza and Tucker are apparently in a spat and I’m just over here like:

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