Wikipedia Removes Page For Conservative Senate Candidate Kathy Barnette Days Before Election

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

I absolutely love it when someone cites Wikipedia to “fact check” or refute something I say. It’s almost as funny as when they cite CNN or Snopes. I just can’t take them seriously and I pity their blind ignorance. But Wikipedia isn’t blindly ignorant. Wikipedia is a tool of the left for information manipulation, and they’re very intentional about it. This time, they’re interfering with a free and fair election by censoring a Pennsylvania Senate candidate who has seen surging poll numbers, and who contradicts pretty much every aspect of the leftist narrative and agenda.

Kathy Barnette is a strong black conservative woman, an Air Force veteran, and the product of a rape pregnancy which was not aborted. And the left hates her for all of that. Here’s the story of her conception and her mother’s subsequent choices, which directly contradicts the left’s current screeching about abortion “rights.”

She believes in the Second Amendment, and not just for hunting. She opposed the BLM riots and Defund the Police movement of 2020. She’s disgusted with government spending programs that ultimately enslave people through government dependence. She doesn’t believe in indoctrinating children with woke theories or saturating government agencies with woke agendas. She is tired of the southern border failures and America-last policies. She’s disgusted with government interference and gluttony. And the left just can’t stand that she’s a black woman who believes all these things. They think that black women should bow down to the leftist narrative without even thinking about it. Sunny Hostin would say that black republican Kathy Barnette is an “oxymoron.” Biden would say that “she ain’t black.” And yet, she’s crushing it. And Wikipedia is apparently doing their part to make things as difficult as possible for a black woman who decides to buck the leftist narrative.

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