Journalist “Counting On” Supreme Court Not Recovering From Draft Leak

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

So-called “journalists,” or leftist media activists, are on a roll today with their impressively bad, and very telling, takes. Jay Willis, whose Twitter bio proclaims him to be the “editor in chief” of Balls and Strikes, which is “a nonprofit organization that works on court reform efforts, judicial nominations, and related issues,” and which is “a site for critical, progressive, and bullshit-free commentary about courts, judges, and the legal system they uphold.” It is sponsored by Demand Justice, which announces that “the Supreme Court is broken. We can restore balance by adding seats.” They proclaim to be “building a progressive movement to restore the ideological balance and legitimacy of our federal courts by advocating for court reform and progressive, diverse judges.” Typical radical leftist “progressive” narrative for their agenda.

But Jay Willis said the quiet part out loud when he tweeted a screenshot of a Washington Post article with a small section highlighted, stating,

“Luttig said the court “can never recover” from the sharing of the draft…”

Willis’ response to this was,

“buddy I am counting on it”

Putting aside the blatant lack of appropriate punctuation by someone calling themselves an “editor in chief” (notice he also failed to include hyphens in “editor-in-chief,” so punctuation is obviously not his forte), Willis just clued us in to what these leftist extremists and “progressives” are really after. They are hoping that the leaked draft and the effects thereof will destroy the Judicial Branch of the Government of the United States of America. If ever there was something undermining democracy…

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