If You Wanna Follow Us, Don’t Be Like Judy. Be Better Than Judy.

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I always know it’s gonna be a good day when there’s an addition to the Wall of Shame. 🙂

If you’ve followed us for more than a hot minute, or perhaps you might have been a listener of mine when I was on the radio prior to the beginning of February of this year, then you are more than familiar with my crush on Gov Ron DeSantis.  And if you know me at all, which most folks who have followed us for more than a hot minute DO, because WYSIWYG, then you know that said crush is HARMLESS.  It’s all in good fun.  It’s me (and Daisy!) recognizing that not only is DeSantis the best leader in the country right now, but he’s not terrible to look at either.  That’s where it ends.  I can’t believe I have to explain this, but based on an email I got from Judy this morning, apparently I do.  So I’ll put it in bold.


Would I love to MEET Gov Ron DeSantis?  Absolutely.  Do I think every single Republican leader should emulate him on most every issue?  Yup.  Do I think he’s a total stud?  Totally.  Is his badassery super attractive?  Ohhhh yes.

But apparently, Judy thinks my crush goes beyond our jocularity.  LOOK at this ridiculous email.

If that’s too small to read, here’s the text:


PLEASE shut up about Ron DeSantis — while I’m sure he’ll be a great presidential candidate, your slathering over his name is sickening.  You should grow up!  And you are no match for his wife!  And shame on you for falling all over him while his wife is battling cancer!  It’s bad enough to sit through 15 minutes of ads on your show, but to see you then follow up with your childish, high school fawning over the Governor is disgusting.

An ex fan.


Now – y’all know me.  These are the kinds of emails I can’t just let slide.  I gotta let Judy at least help us make some revenue off of the traffic to this post about her, amirite?  What with her being an “ex-fan” and whatnot.

And you know what else?  I’m gonna put my DeSantis cardboard cutout in my dining room so that it’s prominently featured from here on out.  I’m even gonna put my Robbie Williams cutout up too.  If Judy really means she’s an ex-fan, she might not see them, but usually hags women like Judy only PRETEND that they’re tossing over the Monopoly board and storming out, but then they continue to watch us every day just to figure out new ways to pick us apart.  So I’m fully expecting that Judy WILL see Robbie and DeSantis in our videos henceforth and forthwith. 🙂  If she realizes that DeSantis actually takes a backseat to Robbie Williams and that there’s a whole other crush I had way before DeSantis, her head might just explode.

Anyway, I responded to Judy:

Here’s the text of that:

First of all, you don’t get to tell me what to do. 😊 If you’ve watched us for any amount of time at all, you’d know that very well – which means you’re likely new here, don’t understand/appreciate my/our humor, and need a serious sense of humor transplant.  If you think I’m genuinely “falling all over him” and that I’m legit trying to be a “match for his wife” you’re not only desperately humor-challenged but also high.

You know who thinks my DeSantis jokes are funny?  MY HUSBAND.  Soak that one in.

I’ll be sharing this on our Wall of Shame – because you offer a perfect example of the kind of person we don’t WANT following us.  Thank you for your help!

Anyway, welcome to the Wall of Shame, Judy.  Have the day you deserve.



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