Beto Fan Attempts To Troll, Ends Up Embarrassing Himself COMPLETELY. THIS IS DELISH.

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I cannot stop laughing at this exchange that I had with a complete moron on Twitter over a joke that went waaaaay over his head.  I had an assist from a follower of ours, Chip from Bloomington, but when you’re trying to explain reality and reason to someone who unironically follows Beto O’Rourke, you know you’re dealing with someone who has some… challenges.

Here’s the tweet he has pinned to the top of his page.



I should also point out, before I share this hilarious exchange, that this is what he has in his bio.

“I don’t engage in endless arguments,” he says.  “Stop with the scorn, insults, and conspiracy nonsense,” he says.

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL ok. That’ll become even funnier when you see how our conversation went.

Yesterday, I retweeted a post from someone who clearly needs to be immediately snatched up by Babylon Bee, because his satire is ON POINT.  I loved this so much.

Hilarious, right?  I don’t know who Scott Mason is but MASSIVE PROPS to him for capturing – SATIRICALLY –  the absolute absurdity that is the Left’s reaction to basically anything Joe Rogan says or does now.

But AntiTrumpTexan dude?  He didn’t get the joke.  And by golly he was gonna SHOW US A THING OR TWO ABOUT A THING OR TWO!  Enter his immediate insult (maybe he should read his bio!), which was based on his false assumption that the tweet was a Real Thing.  This is also where Chip chimed in.

This is when I just couldn’t help myself.  Sorry about the potty mouth, you guys, but you know how I get.  Hide yo kids, hide yo wives. I had to echo Chip’s comment and replied to AntiTrumpTexan too.

And then he pulled out this amazing debate weapon – THE TRIGGERING.

Then, you guys, he got all serious and warned me that he was gonna keep it real.

But he didn’t just suggest that I googled the tweet.  He also made the same comment to Chip.

That’s about the moment I realized that since he mentioned it two different times, the whole “spending 20 minutes googling it” thing was projection.  ANTITRUMPTEXAN clearly spent 20 minutes googling – probably even checking SNOPES – to find out whether MSNBC (collectively even!) actually said the thing about engine coolant.

Chip replied too.  And that’s when things took an even more hilarious turn, because then AntiTrumpTexan decided to employ that ridiculous tactic where he decides that BECAUSE I AM RESPONDING TO HIS DUMBASSERY, I am having a “meltdown.”  LOLOLOLOLOL

That’s when I knew this would be Wall of Shame worthy.  And that AntiTrumpTexan was about to help us attract folks to our website and potentially earn a little extra advertising revenue.  THANK YOU, AntiTrumpTexan!

Anyway, I addressed the “meltdown” comment as follows:

If this is how “liberals get to defend themselves” from the “hatefulness” that is me laughing at a hilarious satirical tweet, then by golly keep defending yourselves, libs.  It’s GLORIOUS.  I love that he tried to suggest other people were as dumb as he was and actually thought a quote from the ENTIRETY of “MSNBC” was REAL.


Chip had one more thing to say to AntiTrumpTexan.

Anyway, I found this entire conversation absolutely delightful and thought y’all might too.  To his credit, AntiTrumpTexan appears to have remembered the part of his bio where it says he doesn’t engage in endless arguments and has stopped responding.  It was fun while it lasted! 🙂

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