Can Someone Please Help Me Understand This Exchange Because My Head Hurts Now.

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Did you ever have one of those kinds of conversations with someone where you felt so misunderstood that you felt like you were going crazy?

That’s basically me.  Right now.

So in our video this morning, we told you about the lunatic on Twitter who called us liars because Reuters “factchecked” a clip from this past August of Anderson Cooper asking Bill Gates whether or not preventing unvaccinated people from collecting social security was something that the government could potentially do.

I retweeted the clip from Todd Starnes’ rumble account.  You can see exactly what I wrote, and you can see exactly what it says beneath the thumbnail.  Lunatic Lynda called me a liar.  BEHOLD:

I called Lynda out, and she promptly blocked me when she realized she couldn’t actually prove that I lied.  Typical.

I posted this follow up right before she blocked me.

BUT THEN, you guys, out of NOWHERE, came Coco.  Coco was mad at me for a whole other reason, and if you are able to figure out the reason, I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR IT, because no matter how many times I ask her, she continues not to make any sense to me at all. BEHOLD: the most frustrating exchange in the history of frustrating exchanges.

I need to learn how to talk to people, you guys.  OMG.  But wait – it gets better.  Not only do I need to learn how to talk to people, but I also apparently CAN’T LISTEN.  See if this helps clarify.

So far, there’s been no response to my last plea for help to understand what in the holy hell Coco is talking about.  But thankfully, a coupla other followers have chimed in to reassure me that I am not, in fact, crazy.

Are you guys seeing anything in her criticism that actually makes sense? Because I genuinely want to know what point she’s actually making.  Anyone?


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