CDC Is Super Science-y, The View Hosts Are Freaking Out, And Biden’s Entire Presidency Is Staged Bullcrap

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

The CDC has new guidelines, y’all.  Because it’s Tuesday.  Or something.

Just so everyone’s clear, I don’t give half a sh*t what those guidelines are, nor do I give a quarter of a sh*t what the Evil Little Troll has to say, too.  And I’ll be spending New Years’ Eve exactly how I want to, because I’m an American and I’m free.  At least for now.

On another note, Biden’s administration is completely staged and produced.  If you don’t believe us, what’s up with all the green-screened shipping containers and all the handlers who tell him not to take questions all the time?  ALL THE TIME.

Also, the ladies at The View can’t get a single conservative to sit at their lunch table, because the View harpies are insufferable, horrific hosebeasts of epic proportion who no right-minded, normal person would want to be subjected to working with on a regular basis.  I have no idea why anyone still watches that show.  They should make it a form of prison torture.

Happy Tuesday, everyone!


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