Biden Completely Agrees That He Should GFH.

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You guys.  Seriously?  SERIOUSLY???

If you watched our video this morning or if you paid attention to the world at all these past few days, you’ve already seen this video.  Maybe multiple times even.  Because I’ve watched it over and over again – I’m just MYSTIFIED that he’s actually AGREEING that he should go f*ck himself.  WHAT THE LITERAL EFF.

Anyway, if you haven’t been concerned that the sitting POTUS is a demented,  incompetent fool who has no idea where he is or what he’s doing, then hopefully this is helping you realize that our country is in the hands of someone who has NO BUSINESS being in a position of power.  I mean, if you were giving him the benefit of the doubt up until now, then SURELY you get it now, right?  SURELY.


Anyway, it was a moment that Actually Happened, y’all.

Now, we could talk about the dude who was on the other end of the phone, and the fact that he’s been doxxed, threatened, etc., but I’d rather talk about the fact that the liberal mainstream media is LOSING ITS COLLECTIVE SH*T over the incivility.  THE INCIVILITY, you guys.


Here’s a perfect example of how ridiculous their feigned outrage is.  Here’s what NBC posted about this UNCIVILIZED INCIDENT:

They called it a “right-wing SLUR.”

Now then, let’s rewind a bit to that incident that took place during Trump’s presidency.  You might remember it.  It’s when this STUNNING AND BRAVE WOMAN flipped the bird to Trump’s motorcade.  You guys remember that? Here’s Stephen Colbert (around the 25 second mark) talking about it with ABSOLUTE GLEE:

But that’s Colbert, and if we’re gonna be talking about hypocrisy, we need an apples to apples comparison.  So you saw what NBC’s reaction to the Let’s Go Brandon incident above.  Let’s look to see how NBC described the woman who flipped off Trump’s motorcade and see if we can spot the difference in tone:


That seems…different to me.  How about y’all?  Because this is how our world is right now:


Don’t believe the handwringers when they act deeply offended by the phrase Let’s Go Brandon.  In fact, just remind them that Joe Biden WHOLEHEARTEDLY AGREES with the sentiment.


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