USA Today Excludes Republicans Sears, Miyares From Article On Election-Winning “Candidates Of Color,” Quietly Edits Article After Backlash

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

USAToday published an article originally titled “From Boston to Cincinnati, people of color won local elections in historic firsts.” They would later be forced to rework the entire article and title after serious public backlash.

Don’t worry, I took screenshots because the mainstream media likes to just edit and rewrite history, and then pretend like it never happened.

In the original article, they mentioned Michelle Wu in Boston, Eric Adams and Alvin Bragg in New York, Ed Gainey in Philadelphia, Aftab Pureval in Ohio, and Abdullah Hammoud of Michigan.

Immediately, people noticed a glaring issue with the article. All the individuals highlighted were Democrats, and two major race winners were very obviously absent. The two that were Republican.

They had specifically excluded two incredibly noteworthy and entirely relevant Republican election winners from this piece if “journalism.”

Winsome Sears—the first black female elected to Virginia statewide office as Lt Gov. This incredible woman immigrated from Jamaica, is a mother of three, and a former electrician in the Marines.

Jason Miyares—the first Latino Virginia Attorney General and first Hispanic elected to a statewide Virginia office. He is the son of a Cuban mother who fled communism for freedom in America.

Both of these individuals are absolutely “people of color or candidates from marginalized communities,” as USAToday indicated was the subject of the article.

So why weren’t they included?

The original article was published at 2:57 am on November 3rd. Save for a 3 am pipe burst or suitcases of ballots secretly unloaded like we saw in the presidential election, Sears and Miyares were the winners of their races at the time of publication. Those races had been called with as much confidence as any of the major networks and organizations called the presidential race for Biden, if you know what I mean. And even if they didn’t feel confident in the results, why not hold the article for an hour or two just in case these historic candidates of color would win their races and would need to be included?

I guess that since their stories and victories didn’t fit the radical woke progressive leftist narrative, they weren’t considered worthy to be included in a national story specifically about historic election wins by people of color or from marginalized communities.

Because, once again, radical woke progressive leftists prove that they don’t actually care about people of color or marginalized communities. They really only care about the narrative.

After major public outcry and being called out for their blatant hypocrisy and bias, other organizations reached out to USAToday to ask why they had snubbed these two incredible individuals. Without offering any kind of direct apology or even a vague mea culpa, USAToday edited their article to include paragraphs about both Sears and Miyares, changed the title to “History-making first: Michelle Wu, Winsome Sears, Alvin Bragg, other candidates of color win local elections” to subtly indicate to critics that it had been edited, and included the following sentence at the top of the updated article:

This story has been updated to reflect additional races that were called on Wednesday.

That sentence isn’t even close to the acknowledgement of wrongdoing by this national “journalistic” organization that the country and the excluded candidates deserve. They very publicly snubbed two major election winners who were absolutely relevant to the article, and all they say is that they updated it to reflect additional races? And that only after major public backlash forced them to.

The mainstream media really is nothing more than the propaganda and public relations arm of the radical woke progressive leftist narrative and party. Their bias is disgustingly evident and their hypocrisy is astounding.

They’ve lost all credibility.

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