After Weeks Of Fearmongering, Media Is Disappointed When Almost No One But Police And Press Attend “Justice For J6” Rally

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

The media has spent weeks artificially generating hype and fear about the DC “Justice for J6” rally today, in order to set the stage for what they disgustingly hoped would turn into something they could label “domestic terrorism” and use against conservative Americans in the future.

Don’t believe me about the artificially generated hype? Check out this incredible Twitter thread by Drew Holden with receipts showing exactly what the media has done to manufacture this crisis for political fodder.

Ultimately, it was an incredibly anticlimactic gathering consisting mostly of ravenous media propagandists, Biden’s new Capitol Police Gestapo, and even some eager counter-protesters. We’re talking dogs, aerial support, construction vehicle barriers, full riot gear, and even “journalists” wearing body armor. Honestly, the police and media presence was hilariously massive considering almost no actual “protesters” showed up.

There’s even some discussion about a number of the “protesters” who did show up actually being undercover Feds. While some people call this a “conspiracy theory,” it really isn’t out of the realm of possibilities considering the recent revelations that the FBI was actually behind the “plot” to kidnap Governor Whitmer. And, as it turns out, the Capitol Police actually detained a “protester” who was, in fact, undercover law enforcement.

And just like that, a “conspiracy theory” is proven once again to be completely true.

As a writer, though, I’m honestly impressed with the manipulative word-smithing by the media in this situation, which is intended to evoke very specific emotions and cast the entire fabricated crisis in a certain light that is the most politically advantageous to the leftist narratives and agendas. They are very good at what they do.

“Fears of political violence grip Capitol Hill”
“Capitol locks down
“MAGA fans plot
“Capitol Hill is bracing
Threats of violence”
Mounting… a rally”
“Protesters may arrive with weapons

Imagine if the media had used this kind of evocative and emotionally charged language to frame the reporting about any of the hundreds of violent and destructive domestic terrorist riots by BLM and ANTIFA last year. Plotting and mounting attacks on cities, private businesses, and federal property. Gripping fear of what was to come when the mobs descended. Locking down in preparation, like all the cities that literally locked down by boarding up all their store fronts and closing everything while the media pretended like it was just another Tuesday and things were boarded up against conservatives (another manufactured crisis). Neighborhoods and communities bracing themselves for violent attacks on people and property.

Imagine if they had warned the public that the rioters “may arrive with weapons,” which many actually did.

Imagine if they had correctly identified the many “threats of violence” by the unruly mobs.

Imagine if the media was objective and truthful in their reporting.

Instead, they are simply partisan propagandists who are paid to craft and promulgate narratives that support and protect leftist causes and priorities.

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