CNN Poll Delivers Devastating News to Joe Biden — Only 2% of Americans Say He Is Doing ‘Very Well’

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Results from a CNN poll revealed on Friday that, out of those who participated in this particular CNN poll, a mere 2% think America is doing ‘very well’ under President Joe Biden.

Those 2% must be big piles of Schiff… or other Democratic big shots. Heck, maybe they’re deceased. This last voting cycle proved that literally anything can happen.

Breitbart reported:

“How well are things going in the country today?” CNN asked respondents.

Two percent said “very well,” 29 percent said “fairly well,” 45 percent said “pretty bad,” and 24 percent said “very badly.”

Combining the net answers, 69 percent said “pretty/very badly,” while 31 percent said “very/fairly well”–a 37 percent difference.

Here is a snippet of the CNN poll results

It is evidenced that the percentage at which poll participants believed former President Donald Trump was doing ‘very well’ was at 21% back in January, 2020.

Check it out here –

Regarding specific issues from this year to last year, the numbers do not improve for Biden.

For instance, 77 percent are worried about the economy in 2021, while 58 percent were worried about it in 2020.

Similar numbers exist for crime, as 57 percent in 2021 are worried about crime, while 37 percent were worried about crime in 2020.

It should come at no surprise that President Joe Biden’s approval ratings continue to tank.

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