Hundreds Protest Outside White House To “Push The Deadline”

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Hundreds of people gathered to protest and march through Washington, D.C. and outside the White House to express their demands that President Joe Biden extends the Afghanistan withdrawal deadline past August 31.

Many are expressing their utter frustration with Biden’s failures to do right by the Americans and Afghans stranded and slaughtered in Afghanistan.

Fox News reported:

“You failed us. As an American, you failed us,” said a Washington, D.C., man named Jimmy. “Twenty years for what? America has lost lives for what?”

Another protester told Fox News his message to Biden: “you have blood on your hands.”

“Don’t trust the Taliban!” one protester said over the weekend.

Another woman said: “you shouldn’t be negotiating with terrorists.”

Several protesters told Fox News they have family members, some of whom are U.S. citizens, still stranded in Afghanistan.

“I have family that are U.S. citizens and they have been stuck there,” one woman told Fox News. “There’s possibly no way for them to get out because officials aren’t giving them exact directions of where to go and even if they do go there, the Taliban or other checkpoints won’t let them through.”

Protesters with relatives in Afghanistan reported that they are terrified and living in a constant state of fear now that the power has been taken over by the Taliban.

“They’re afraid for their life,” one man told Fox News. “They cannot go out, banks are not open to them, they cannot go to work. Women are rejected to go back to work.”

The deadline is no longer in Biden’s control. The fact that American soldiers are dying at the hands of the Taliban proves that you can’t negotiate with terrorists. This used to be common knowledge.

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