Video: Brilliant Journalistic Hypocrisy From Jim Acosta, Says Not To “Score Political Points” Off Afghanistan Disaster

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

CNN’s Jim Acosta is the paragon of turning every single thing into a hyper-partisan and divisive issue in order to score political points for his favored political officials, and tear down those he dislikes or opposes.

So it’s incredibly hilarious, although not entirely surprising, that he just went on air to call for “national unity” and asks for people not to try to “score political points” off of the epic disaster that is Afghanistan right now.

Just this once? Just this time? What’s different about this situation?

Oh, I see. When your party leadership, the very people you helped install and have been covering for all along, are so shockingly incompetent and inept that they directly cause the death of 13 US soldiers and 170+ civilians/allies, and irresponsibly surrender billions of taxpayer dollars worth of military equipment and weapons to terrorists, then you want to encourage the public not to “score political points” by highlighting that ineptitude and failure of leadership at the highest levels of government. Just this once, when it most benefits your preferred political leadership, narrative, and priorities.

Then you want people to just ignore the politics of it all rather than making a big deal out of it.

Then you want people to come together to “give it some thought” rather than expending every ounce of energy on using and spinning the information to tear down a political opponent and divide the nation.

Has today’s Jim Acosta ever met Jim Acosta from 2016-2020?

Jim Acosta never cared about this before. In fact, it could be argued that he is known for pointedly making everything into an issue to score political points. But when it’s his preferred political leaders who are being ripped to shreds, and not him making every effort to rip conservative leadership to shreds, he wants people to stop making it political.

Despite the fact that not a single American citizen should overlook the absolutely astounding leadership ineptitude and incompetence that directly led to the situation we see unfolding in Afghanistan right now. Everyone should be made acutely aware of how politics and political gaming set the stage for the failures by the very people that were elected to positions of leadership, and who were appointed to leadership positions by those elected officials.

Brilliant journalistic hypocrisy. Truly incredible.

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