Proctor & Gamble: When You’re So Woke You’re Racist

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

So today I was watching The Office reruns on Hulu live TV (because duh) when an unusual ad graced my screen.

I. . . Truly have no words for how obscenely racist this is.

Am I meant to assume that the young black people here are. . . criminals? Druggies? I can’t even figure out what I’m supposed to assume of them. But Proctor & Gamble obviously figure that MY initial reaction is negative.

So who’s the real racist here? The group assuming showing black people in ambiguous situations is a negative, or the person watching this wondering wtf kind of message I’m supposed to be receiving?

P&G is trying so hard to be woke that they have become the most racist among us. I mean, really. How is a viewer to blame if the camera angle, music, lighting, etc. seem ominous? You’re going to film that sh*t and then blame ME for assuming something bad is going to happen?? You could film the same exact commercial shot for shot with white men, Asians, Native Americans, Hispanics, and I would feel the exact same way. It’s Proctor & Gamble that are proliferating the idea that black = bad. Not the viewer.

Let me reiterate:

Proctor & Gamble are assuming that black = bad.

Proctor & effing Gamble. Not the viewer.

How can you be progressive when the entirety of your belief is based on racist assumptions? How am I meant to believe P&G are woke when THEY are the ones suggesting that black people doing literally the most mundane of things are up to no good?

It’s one thing to try hard to be woke and end up being racist in the process. But to assume that the average viewer is going to interpret the worst, and then sit on your high horse of wokeness? Give me a FREAKING break.

The worst part is that, in assuming the majority of their viewers– of all colors, because I refuse to believe that Hulu is only showing this to white audiences (even though they probably do know what race a given account belongs to)– P&G are earning Woke Points with the extreme left. It’s now “in” to believe– with no logic, proof, evidence, or reason– that the average person hates black people.

What audience are you winning over with this BS? I can promise you it’s not the average non-black person. I’m pretty sure I speak for the majority of us when I say I’m insulted by the insinuation that I’m going to assume a black person driving, standing with children, or looking around a gas station shop is somehow bad.

I expect there’s a significant portion of the black population who’s trying to figure out why it’s supposed to be ominous for people that look like them to do such mundane, unremarkable things.

If I’m wrong, correct me. But until then, I stand by the statement that woke is the new racist.