The Silent Majority Needs To Speak Up

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

I had lunch with one of my best friends tonight. My bestie of a decade. We actually met through a Facebook message, which sounds weird and random because it is. I tried to go back and view the initial conversation, but we talk fairly often and send a lot of inappropriate memes back and forth, so I got tired of scrolling and gave up.

In summary, it was a bit like this.

Her: Uh, hey. You don’t know me, but my new husband just deployed with your husband and I don’t know anyone and I’m pregnant and your husband told my husband I could write you.

Me: (contacts my husband and confirms I’m not being messaged by a random internet psycho before I write) Well, hey girl! Welcome to the life. It’s a mess, you’ll love it. Want to come over for dinner tonight?

Her: Hell yes.

We watched four seasons of “I Survived” after finishing dinner and fell asleep on the couch. She stayed for a week.

Over the course of our friendship we’ve found we agree on most things. We’re both old fashioned in our households, we have high standards for our kids and can’t stand our kids’ rude ass friends, we’re naturally introverted and have to put work into socializing. I won’t expect her to clean up or put on pants before I visit her house, and she knows she can show up at my place unannounced at any time. One area in which we disagree is in predicting the future of America.

Having grown up in South Korea, my friend’s view is based on both education and experience, so I tend to weigh her opinions heavily. When she says she sees a really hard time in America’s future, that genuinely freaks me out.

Like me, she hopes the silent majority will stand up for our freedoms and way of life. Unlike me, she doesn’t think they will, or that if we do it will be too late.

Conservatives tend to live with the mantra “live and let live”. We’re happy to stay inside of our little bubbles, follow the rules, and color inside the lines. Suddenly, there are things we simply have to acknowledge and give attention to. There’s no more room to turn a blind eye.

  1. Common sense is not common. I’m not sure when this one stopped being true, or if it ever was, but this is an unfortunate fact.
  2. Liberals don’t believe in the freedom to live as we see fit. They want us to live as they decree and punish us if we don’t.
  3. Giving in to progressive ideologies is never enough. See point number two. They don’t want an inch, they want the whole country. And no they don’t want to leave you with a patch to call your own.
  4. It’s not enough to instill values at home. Children are bombarded by politics and social justice at every turn. My daughter’s school plays CNN-10 at the end of every day. Commercials, movies, and television shows are all written with agendas. Kids clothes feature social justice symbols, teacher slip social justice into lessons, and social media is rife with it. The lessons we’re teaching at home simply can’t stand up to that assault on their own.

So it’s beyond time for the silent majority to speak up. Go to your local school board meetings. And actually speak. Join local or online groups. Communicate with your representatives. We can’t put pressure on Washington if we’re not being heard in our own communities.

If you live in a town that hasn’t been touched with these issues, I’m sorry but there are towns close to you who have been. Don’t wait until it takes over and you’re not allowed to live without changing or speak without risking your way of life.

I don’t know where you guys stand with your predications of America’s future, but I’d certainly like to prove my friend wrong. Not just to gloat and rub it in, which I would totally do, but also because I don’t want my kids to be forced to live with the version of the country the left is working so hard to create. The majority will be irrelevant if we don’t act.

There are videos on this topic here, and here. Being in the majority means absolutely nothing if you do nothing. Wake up, people.