WHO Designates Letters of the Greek Alphabet to Covid Variants to Prevent Racism

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Could somebody please just let me off this rollercoaster of complete misery?

So, now we apparently are being too racist when we call Covid variants by their place of origin.

The WHO apparently had the brilliant idea to make all of this even more confusing by giving each Covid variant its very own letter of the Greek alphabet.

I first saw this in an article published by Axios, which you can read here. When I was finished reading, I was even more confused than I was before.

I’m sorry if you’re overly sensitive but calling Covid variants by the name of the country they were found in isn’t racist. It’s easy to remember. That way people don’t get even more confused than they already are. Maybe if the WHO was more worried about getting their messaging together instead of worrying about dumb stuff like this we wouldn’t laugh and keep scrolling (I would, but maybe you wouldn’t).

The World Health Organization announced Monday a new naming system for COVID-19 variants that uses letters from the Greek alphabet.

 Health officials have been concerned that the strains’ scientific names, comprising numbers and letters, are leading people to refer to them by the place they were detected, such as the “U.K. variant” for B.1.1.7, which the WHO notes in a Twitter post “is stigmatizing & discriminatory.”