Memorial Day Reflections

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

I know lots of people are pissed about Joe and Kamala’s lack of patriotism this weekend. Honestly, I can’t say I expected better from them. I certainly didn’t expect Joe to remember what or when Memorial Day even was, so it flew under my radar.

No, it was the everyone else who surprised me. I mean, I appreciate a good sale as much as the next person but Memorial Day sales can get a little weird. So can flexing your beach time or your free day off of work without acknowledging why you have that three day weekend to begin with.

Today is a tough day for many people across the country. And you don’t HAVE to acknowledge it. But you should.

By all means, barbecue, shop, party, celebrate your freedom. It’s the American thing to do. But please remember that the cost of of freedom is high, the sacrifice has been great. So before you put your meat on the grill, pop open another drink, or post on social media about your weekend at the beach, remember those who’ve paved the way with the ultimate sacrifice.

Memorial Day and Veterans Day are NOT the same thing. Sadly, that needs to be said. If you weren’t sure about that, your kids certainly aren’t either, so please take 30 seconds to explain the difference.

And while you’re enjoying your day, some people are seriously struggling through theirs. They’re remembering family members and friends who have fallen. And no matter how long it’s been, that’s freaking rough! This day is about courageous men and women who should never be forgotten. It’s up to all of us to keep their memory alive. Pour one out for your homies who aren’t here. And don’t feel like you have to bring the party down, just take a moment to remind everyone what it’s all about. Be grateful, and be inspired