Hi Everyone!

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Hi everyone! I’m LT Conrad (LT is short for Lyla Tate), and I’m the newest Chicktern! I thought I would begin by telling you a little bit about myself.

I’m a conservative college student (a bit of an oxymoron, don’t you think?). Well, we do exist! I don’t want to give too much away about my collegiate experience just yet. I would rather go in depth in my next post. I came to the Chicks because I needed somewhere to express my real opinions, and I also wanted to do something constructive to further the conservative movement. The community that the Chicks have built seems like the perfect place to do that.

I was homeschooled from the second grade until I graduated last May. There’s a bit of a stigma around homeschooling. A lot of people think we sit around all day doing nothing. That’s certainly not the case, and it’s a cheap shot at mothers and fathers who pour their hearts into what they do. There’s also a belief, surrounding conservative homeschoolers especially, that we’re disconnected from society (liberals think we’re like pilgrims). That we prioritize our faith above everything, and it affects our education in a negative way. Well, my faith played a major role in my education, and I don’t see where that’s a bad thing. If anything, we need more of it in our public schools too. It taught me that I don’t have control over everything in my life. If people didn’t feel the overwhelming need to be in control of everything that happens to them, maybe we wouldn’t be in a lot of the messes we’re in right now. As far as pilgrims go, the only things that I have in common with them is my unwavering faith and my work ethic. I’ve seen every episode of Friends at least five times, I’m convinced that Carole Baskin killed her first husband, and I also eat fast food on a regular basis (Chick-fil-a and pizza delivery are staples over here). The only real difference between a public-school education and a homeschool education is the absence of indoctrination. I was taught to think critically, and because of that, my first year of college went extremely well. If I were culturally out of touch, I don’t think I’d be able to work here.

While it has not always been easy to fit in, I never smoked parmesan cheese through a crack pipe or drank a quart of vodka a day (*cough*cough Hunter). I was given an education that focused on American History (the true version), religion, and morals. My three younger siblings are receiving this too. We were taught to respect our parents and elders. To be thankful to our men and women in uniform. To stand for our flag and kneel before God. We were taught history based in facts, not feelings. We were given the facts and left to make our own decisions based on the information (crazy, right?). I think homeschooling is going to become more and more popular among conservatives. It was the best decision that my Mom ever made, and I couldn’t be more grateful that she did.

In my spare time, I love watching the Turner Classic Movies channel, knitting, reading, and playing video games. I also play the guitar amateurly. I’m in the process of building my own guitar from scratch (I also like to build things). I’m studying for my AA degree at the moment, but I want to pursue a degree in History for graduate school. I hope to specialize in World War II. The keys to my heart are held by coffee, books, and music. My top three bands are Blondie, Fleetwood Mac, and The Cranberries, but I just love music in general.

If any of you like biographies, I would suggest The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom. It’s my favorite book of all time. It’s about a Christian family that lived in Holland during WWII (Corrie is known as the grandmother of the Jewish underground).

I have two dogs: Beau and Walter. Beau is a three-year old Boykin Spaniel. Walter is a four-month-old Dachshund. They’re both very sweet boys. Beau loves a Trump speech just as much as I do!

I couldn’t be more excited to join this team! I can’t thank Mock and Daisy enough for giving me this opportunity. They took a chance on a 19-year old kid, and I’ll make sure they won’t regret it. I can’t wait to bring news and commentary to all of you!