Biden Admin Launches Task Force To Keep Scientific Decisions Free From Political Influence

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

The Biden Administration has formally launched yet another task force. This one aims to ensure that scientific decisions are free of political bias and influence.

This is hilarious. It’s almost satirical.

They expect us to believe that a task force, assembled and paid for by a hyper-partisan political administration that has greatly benefited from hyper-partisan “scientific” decisions, can be trusted to evaluate whether or not scientific decisions are politically influenced?

That’s ridiculous.

Remember the entire hydroxychloroquine drama at the beginning of the pandemic, where certain doctors were being silenced and the medicine was being banned? And the never-ending mask debate? And social distancing? And lockdowns? Every single one of those supposedly “scientific” decisions was steeped in leftist political advantage. Separate and confine people. Make them emotionally and physically desperate. Entice them to give up civil liberties. Make them dependent upon the government. Then the government could swoop in as the hero to rescue and care for them.

The 46 members of the Scientific Integrity Task Force are being pulled from across the federal government, and the entire task force is apparently a response to complaints by former Trump Administration officials, like Fauci and Birx, that they felt political pressure to make certain “scientific” decisions. As though Fauci’s olympic flip-flopping was ever scientific and free of politics. And I don’t remember many scientific decisions that were made in a right-leaning political direction until certain conservative states stood up for their rights.

This reminds me of recent elections. The unfair advantage always seems to favor one side. And after a year of highly political “scientific” decisions, those decisions mostly seem to have favor leftist priorities, narratives, and political figures.

I can pretty much already give you a run down of what the task force will probably find.

If the “scientific” decision is consistent with the approved leftist narrative, then it will be deemed to have been made without any political influence or bias.

If the “scientific” decision contradicts or undermines the approved leftist narrative, then it will be deemed to have been significantly influenced by politics.

And the hyper-political mainstream media will presumably laud the findings and unbiased truth.