Disastrous April Jobs Report Fuels Questions About Government Handouts

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The April jobs report just came out and wow. Seriously, it’s crazy.

Disastrous. An epic failure. Colossally disappointing. Those are my words.

But even the liberal media couldn’t deny how terrible this report was.


“Major disappointment.”


“A huge letdown in April.”


“A huge miss.”


“Way worse than expected. Something seems very off.”


“The biggest miss, relative to expectations, in the history of the payrolls report.”


“The news left many people, well, shook.”


“The jobs report was shockingly bad.”

The report showed that the U.S. added just 266,000 jobs in April. Which is barely more than a quarter of the expected 1 million, while the unemployment rate rose to 6.1%.

It was such a shockingly huge disappointment that the CNBC anchor Steve Liesman, who was obviously hyping a big number live reveal, thought the disturbingly low number might be a typo.

What’s hilarious is that Biden claimed this was a total win for the country. He desperately tried to downplay the terrible jobs numbers and then called for even more government spending in his proposed $2 trillion “American Rescue Plan.”

“This month’s job numbers show we’re on the right track. We still have a long way to go. As I said, my laser focus is on growing the nation’s economy and creating jobs.”

If “the biggest miss,” “way worse than expected,” “shockingly bad,” and “a huge letdown” are indicative of the U.S. being “on the right track” then I’m riding the wrong train. Also, this poor man isn’t capable of being “laser focused” on anything anymore.  Biden also said,

“Today’s report is rebuttal to loose talk that Americans just don’t want to work.”

No, Joe, it’s not. It’s saying that people would rather stay home and wait for their next government welfare, unemployment, or stimulus check than actually wake up each morning and go into work to earn a living. Why work hard all day when you could do nothing and still get money from the government? That’s what this report is saying.

Republican lawmakers and other business groups reasonably believe that the additional $300 in federal unemployment pay each week means that some low-wage workers can make more money staying home than returning to work. At a Kentucky event, Mitch McConnell said,

“We have flooded the zone with checks that I’m sure everybody loves to get, and also enhanced unemployment. And what I hear from businesspeople, hospitals, educators, everybody across the state all week is, regretfully, it’s actually more lucrative for many Kentuckians and Americans to not work than work.”

Sen. Marco Rubio said on Twitter,

“Why is anyone surprised that the jobs reports fell short of expectations? I told you weeks ago that in Florida I hear from small business everyday that they can’t hire people because the government is paying them to not go back to work.”

Add in the proposed corporate tax hike in Biden’s so-called “American Rescue Plan” and a minimum-wage hike, and corporations will find every reason to eliminate all low-wage jobs while unemployed Americans won’t think it’s worth seeking the more committed career opportunities that are available, instead choosing to live off the government.

I have a friend who told me exactly this. He said he can make more staying home and collecting unemployment than at any job he would care to get, and he’s not interested in seeking a committed long-term career that require more time and effort.

Another friend who is the owner of several restaurants told me that he has countless job openings and he can’t even get people to apply for the jobs because “the government pays too well to do nothing.” He feels like he’s “competing with the U.S. government” unemployment system for employees.

Despite the optimism of the professional prediction-makers, I’m not the least bit surprised by these numbers.

What did they think would happen when people are getting thousands of dollars in stimulus from the government for doing nothing? When people can collect unemployment and welfare checks from the government rather than putting forth the time and effort to find and keep a job?

Even the blatantly liberal publication Slate admitted,

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“The awful numbers will unquestionably add fuel to the debate over whether generous federal unemployment benefits are now holding back the labor market. Businesses—especially restaurants—have been complaining for weeks that they can’t find enough workers to hire, claiming that Americans are choosing to stay home and collect checks from the government. The surging number of unfilled job postings online has suggested that those complaints might be more than anecdotal.”

Of course, while the liberal mainstream media cannot deny the devastatingly bad jobs report, they’ve done their best to frame it in a less negative way. Wouldn’t want something like this reflecting poorly on their beloved leader. They assure us that “everything about the pandemic economy has been weird, including jobs,” so we shouldn’t “freak out” about the terrible numbers. Or they tell us that even though the jobs report was “shockingly bad,” we shouldn’t “overreact.”

Nothing to see here, deplorables. Nothing to see. Just move along. It’s no big deal. Stop freaking out.

They actually think that Americans are stupid. Unfortunately, they’re not entirely wrong. I think that a large number of Americans don’t understand basic economics principles. They don’t understand inflation. They don’t understand debt. They don’t understand what “the value of a dollar” means because, as one adult, procreating, voting woman explained to me, “it’s a dollar, so it’s always worth 100 pennies.” They don’t understand these basic principles of economics so they don’t understand their application or the effect they have on real life.

So of course they’re excited for the government to send them thousands of dollars because they don’t realize that the government doesn’t have that money to send and must manufacture it. They don’t understand the effect that printing money will have on the economy, on inflation, on the price of goods and services in their lives.

I’m just waiting to see if 700,000 more jobs are suddenly found in the night, perhaps shipped in around 4am, and we’ll wake up to discover that there miraculously were almost 1 million jobs to report.

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