Scientists Shocked To Find Pregnant Egyptian Mummy, Use Biology To Identify Her As A Woman Despite No Indication Of Preferred Pronouns

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Scientists in Warsaw have made an incredibly stunning discovery. The Warsaw Mummy Project team of scientists had previously thought that a mummy found in Egyptian royal tombs in Thebes was a male priest. But then the highly educated and qualified scientists examined and studied the mummy. And you’ll never believe what scientific conclusion they came to.

The team of scientists released a statement with fascinating accompanying pictures on their Facebook page. According to the article they published in the Journal of Archaeological Science, the team has concluded that the woman was a member of an elite class in her 20s or 30s, between 26-30 weeks pregnant, who died during the 1st century BC. While organs are routinely removed during the embalming process, scans revealed that the baby had not been removed from the mother’s womb, which was intact. They had previously assumed the mummy was a male priest based on markings on the sarcophagus, but found at least 15 items in her wrappings, including a “rich set” of amulets.

According to Marzena Ozarek-Szilke, bio-archaeologist and paleopathologist at the Warsaw Mummy Project,

“Our first surprise was that it has no penis, but instead it has breasts and long hair, and then we found out that it’s a pregnant woman. When we saw the little foot and then the little hand (of the fetus), we were really shocked.”

Wait, wait, wait.

Are you telling me that actual real life scientists determined that this mummy was a woman because she had breasts, no penis, and was growing a human inside of her uterus?

Oh my. How scandalous.

What in the world will the woke radical progressives of the “party of science” say about this conclusion?

How will this fit in with their discourse about menstruating men, women with penises, and how “breastfeeding” is a discriminatory term that is harmful to men who identify as women and mothers, but who are biologically incapable of producing milk in order to breastfeed due to their biological lack of milk-producing mammary glands?

I mean, did these scientists even look for this mummy’s pronouns anywhere in that tomb before they simply assumed her gender based on her biological characteristics?

Did they even consider that it might be harmful to mummies everywhere and to all future archaeological endeavors to simply assume that this mummy was a woman based on something as trivial and inconsequential as the science of biology and human physiology?

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Of course, I’m being sarcastic. But as woke radical progressive lunacy gains more momentum, real life becomes more satirical. I would not be the least bit surprised to read a woke followup article seriously discussing what I’m mocking in this article.