In Latest Goal Post Shift, Biden Says It’s “Patriotic Responsibility For God’s Sake” To Wear Mask Despite Being Fully Vaccinated

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

For a year, we’ve bean told that Democrats are the ‘party of science.’ That they follow the science. That they aren’t ‘science deniers,’ as some conservatives have been called. Which is weird because Democrats have refused to acknowledge the science for things like human biology, and they entirely disregarded all the scientific evidence that lockdowns and school closures were unnecessary, to name just a few.

So I guess no one’s really surprised that Democrat politicians want people to continue to wear masks despite being fully vaccinated. Of course, there’s no scientific evidence showing that’s necessary or beneficial in any way. But Biden says it’s our “patriotic responsibility for God’s sake.”

If you ask me, that’s about as anti-science and anti-vaccine as anything I’ve ever heard from someone who is hesitant to receive the Covid vaccine. They’re essentially saying that they don’t trust the vaccines to do what they were designed to do. They don’t trust the vaccine to give you sufficient immunity. That they don’t trust the science and the data about post vaccine transmission rates. What are the American people supposed to think when the supposed ‘party of science’ apparently doesn’t even trust the vaccines?

President Biden has been front and center in the mask virtue-signaling efforts by Democrat politicians, and recently was mocked around the world for wearing a mask on a climate change video conference with world leaders. A video conference. Of course, the Administration defended his mask-wearing, saying he was not the only person in the room while he was on the video call, and that he was “sending a message to the world” about taking Covid seriously. But again, if everyone in the room is fully vaccinated, as all those who are close to the frail geriatric President are…

He also faced questions when he wore a mask while walking entirely alone during an outside press event to announce that the CDC has finally granted their permission for the American people to not wear masks outside anymore as long as they are fully vaccinated.

Side note. There were actually free American citizens who were wearing masks outside? Outside while by themselves? In real life? Enough that it warranted a press conference to announce? That honestly baffles me. And how backwards is it that the CDC thinks they have the authority to grant the American citizens permission to quit doing something that was entirely nonsensical and superfluous.

Anyway, a reporter asked why he, a fully vaccinated individual, felt that he needed to wear a mask while entirely alone and outside. His response was a strange nonsensical statement that didn’t actually answer the question. So pretty much the Biden standard response.

Now, in an interview with Today, Biden told the American people that “It’s a patriotic responsibility for God’s sake,” to continue to wear masks despite being fully vaccinated. Which, again, is completely contrary to all the scientific data available on the subject, as well as all common sense.

The goal posts continue to shift. Remember when it was 15 days to flatten the curve? Just to avoid overwhelming the hospitals? Then we just had to wait for hospitalization numbers to decrease. Then we just had to wait for new case numbers to decrease. Then we had to continue masks and social distancing to avoid new case surges. Then we had to wait until the vaccine was widely available. Then we had to wear masks just for the first 100 days of Biden’s administration. Then we had to wait until the vaccine had been widely distributed. Now we have to continue masking and distancing despite the vaccine being widely distributed. Constantly shifting goal posts.

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What’s the next new goal post? Are we waiting for absolutely zero new cases? Because that’s unreasonable. That will never happen. There will always be new cases. What minuscule amount of risk will finally be deemed acceptable to the authoritarian dictators who now control our lives?

As a fit and healthy young woman, I’m at far greater risk of any number of strange deaths than a Covid death. The risk to my children is so incredibly insignificant that it isn’t even a factor in our lives. It never has been. My children have literally never worn a mask. I will not mask my children. It is contrary to science and common sense.

I just wish more people would think for themselves, analyze the data, and make an informed decision based on their own. health, habits, and activities, rather than just blindly follow an authority figure who tells them what to do.